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Hello Lawrence Young Foundation Friends.

While the entire world has been turned upside down by COVID-19, it’s very difficult for Remote Villages like Katwe to look outside their own areas at the implications this pandemic has had in places like Uganda. However, Lawrence Young Foundation needs your help more than ever towards our COVID-19 Go Back to School Relief Fund. Today, we kindly request kind-hearted sponsors, Donor and Volunteer to give our Vulnerable Children and orphans in the communities of Katwe,kayanja, katungulu, kasenyi, kikorongo, Hamukungu, kahendero, Omuruti, Nyakatonzi, Katojo and Rwehingo, and ST. Peters Church of Uganda Primary School the provision to survive!

Below is what our COVID-19 Go Back to School Relief Fund is all about and what’s happening in Uganda and Queen Elizabeth National Park Communities.

What is happening in Uganda?
After a nationwide lock down, restrictions in Uganda started to ease the first week of June 2020 with businesses and transportation opening back up. However, schools remain closed.

How this impacts Lawrence Young Foundation?

In response to the global pandemic and following the Ugandan government’s mandate, all schools and all educational Centers are closed. Only Community Health Centers (CHC) remains open to continue to provide life-saving services and cater to the demands of COVID-19 if it begins to spread in our community.

Today we are sharing Lillian`s story with you because she’s in danger and we need to act fast.”

What Lawrence Young Foundation’s COVID-19 Go Back to School Relief Fund will do?

  1. Keep our 372 Children in School: Our children take school as a safe haven from things like early childhood Marriages, Sex exploitation, Childhood labour , drug abuse, early pregnancies and many more. Since the parents have no funds and requirements to take them back to school, some will marry them off young, other children will run off to streets, others join drug abuse groups. With Help from Sponsors and Donors, we can all together change the lives of the children and community thus leaving a legacy.  This will be done through our School Construction Project to create enough space for the children who are currently studying outside under the trees and on the floor, plus the under the Tree administration space.
  2. Keep our 15 Teachers on payroll: The Teachers of ST. Peters Church of Uganda Katwe- Village are the breadwinners of their families, supporting an average of 5 dependents each plus 2 Orphans from the community. Although we will not have the local income to support salaries with the closure of schools, we remain committed to provide for our teachers during this time of need so they can take care of themselves and their families (supporting 91, people). Without these Teachers, our Remote Park children won’t be educated.
  3. Provide food packages for 247 families:  Since don`t believe in giving out hand-outs to people, so our community members who are employed during the school construction and renovation project  period, will have income to help them support their families as the Queen Elizabeth Park village communities recovers from the many weeks of lock-down,. We will also work alongside the local government to provide food and essential supplies for the most vulnerable children, orphans and the community members who look after them. These includes the families of our teachers who look after orphans, community members who support our children and our operations as well as neighboring Communities.

Go back to School for Children Relief Fund Proposed Budget

How can you help?

Children`s` Lunch (Meals): Feed an Orphan or Vulnerable child in the remote park.
$30= feeds 5 Children for a month-$1 a day! (5 Little Kids)
$150= feeds 25 Children for a month.

School Requirements.
Provide children with Requirements to go to school, It takes very little. For just $60, a child can receive one shirt, Trouser, stockings, Books and Shoes (Boy), one dress, Stockings, shoes and Books (Girl).
$60= 1 Full School Requirements list (per Child).
$600= 10 children`s, Full School Requirements

Keep our Teachers paid:
$200= 1 monthly salary (average per teacher) (15 Teachers)
$2400= 12 monthly salaries (Per Teacher).

Feed a family (or many!):
$30= feed 1 family for a month-$1 a day! (5 people)
$150= feed 5 families for a month
$300=feed 10 families for a month

We recognize that these are challenging times for everybody. Currently, you may not be in a position to donate, and we understand. However, if you are feeling called and have the means, we ask that you stand with Lawrence Young Foundation and Lawrence Young Limited make a change. The Neglected remote  villages of Katwe,kayanja, katungulu, kasenyi, kikorongo, Hamukungu, kahendero, Omuruti, Nyakatonzi, Katojo and Rwehingo in Kasese district Uganda located in a national park and St. Peters Church of Uganda nursery and Primary School needs you, more than ever before.  We continue to pray for you, for your families, businesses and for this world we live in.

Together we can change the world and Leave A legacy


Lawrence young Foundation is a non-profit organisation operating in Uganda especially in  Remote areas like Katwe-Kasese Queen Elizabeth National Park. It started with few children from remote families in Katwe village- Queen Elizabeth National park in Kasese district. Later other villages and communities with in the national park joined like, kayanja, katungulu, kasenyi, kikorongo, Hamukungu, kahendero, Omuruti, Nyakatonzi, Katojo and Rwehingo and the Foundation was transformed into a National Charity for the Children from all over Queen… Read More


The ultimate goal is to have 2000 orphans and vulnerable children back to school by 2026 because they will have all the structures and facilities to help them change their lives cognitively, social emotion and physically.



With enthusiastic employees and volunteers, we are ready to support you no matter any time.

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